Thursday Linky Bits

What you should read/watch since I’m not writing:

Things Younger Than John McCain. You’ll be surprised.

This fascinating NPR story on different ways of dealing with transgender kids. Also look at the Q&A with two of the psychologists mentioned. I find the traditional approach (trying to make kids more ‘comfortable’ in their current gender by forbidding them to express other behaviors) kind of appalling, frankly – both politically and psychologically. I hope the trend moves in a more accepting direction.

The Test for Husbands and Wives is both hilarious and depressing. I have to say, Mr. Squab would score MUCH higher on this than I would. Which is, I guess, a sign of progress?

I love Ricky Gervais, Gordon Ramsay, and juvenile humor, so this is pretty much the perfect clip:

Happy Thursday!

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