Random Tidbits for the weekend

1. Endearing Habits of the Hatchling of late:
a. Changing her froggy’s diaper. She gets out the changing pad and the wipes, plus a clean diaper, lays the frog on the pad and goes through all the motions with a very focused look on her face. She’ll be a good big sister.
b. Dancing “ballet.” She has always loved to dance, pretty much since she could walk (cue the ABBA song), but now, courtesy Sesame Street, she knows the term “ballet” (or “bah-WAY”) and regularly requests that we dance together. “Mama? Dance? Dance bah-WAY?” is pretty much the cutest request I’ve ever gotten.
c. Her new going-to-bed routine is that when Daddy says it’s time for night-night, she runs over to me and gives me a big hug, saying “big hug” (or rather “BEEEEE HOOOOOOGGG”) over and over again, while Daddy tickles her and then finally scoops her up to carry her upstairs. Highly satisfactory from all perspectives.

2. I’m enjoying the new season of Project Runway, but so far the cast isn’t up to last season’s standards in my opinion. Also, if “Suede” doesn’t stop referring to himself in the third person, I may hop a flight to NYC and throttle him myself.

3. Fail blog is WIN. (via Christopher)

4. Last night, the Hatchling’s little friend M had to be rushed to the ER with a 105 degree temp and a vicious case of the croup. Also last night, a coworker and friend of BFF, who was in his 30s I think, died in his home of complications of Type 1 diabetes. They say bad things come in threes … what’s next?

5. Tomorrow I am venturing out with a two-year-old to try and wrest an iPhone from the jaws of the Apple Store. Wish me luck. On so many levels.

6. Tomorrow evening, after Mr. Squab gets home from work, we’re heading north to visit his mom in Duluth, as she is WAY overdue. I expect to eat too much (she is a fabulous cook), sleep not enough (the Hatchling hasn’t figured out how to sleep away from home so much), and try to ignore my nausea and anxiety. Riiiiiiiiight. Anyhoo, posting will therefore be light-to-nonexistent. (Unless I get that iPhone, in which case we’ll see what we can do.)

Have a lovely weekend!

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