Solid. Solid as a Rock.

Or at least a rice grain. Yes, after several comically failed attempts, the Hatchling is eating solids. Our pediatrician had suggested that we start her on fruits or vegetables rather than rice cereal, which sounded kind of bizarre to me. But we gamely tried it, and you should have SEEN the faces she made. Not a fan. We switched to rice cereal, and she was all like, hells, yeah! She totally got the hang of opening her mouth as the spoon approached, and had soon developed what I can only call a Michael Jordan approach to eating:

The Michael Jordan of eating

Her mouth would open, and the tongue would come out, too, just to make sure she got every last bit. Of course, fingers make the perfect post dinner snack.

Fingers are good, too

Today, rice cereal; tomorrow: the WORLD!

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