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Friday Video Blogging

This here is some freaky cool shit. It’s kind of long, but personally I found it well worth the viewing.

Here’s the artist’s bio. More background here and here.

Saturday Video Blogging

What cooler way can there be of teaching kids the alphabet than making up extremely catchy songs about the different letters? These are two of the best, IMO.

Lonely Letter N

Capital I

Friday Video Blogging

Today’s edition: Man, were they ever doing some high-quality acid when they made these clips. One of the things that was so awesome about being a kid of the 70s was that there was still a fair amount of flower power at work among the creators of kids’ shows. A good trip on quality hallucinogenics can make for some prime children’s fare. Consider these clips my argument for mass legalization.

Updated to add: – how could I forget THIS one? Ducks with ears, roaring dandelions, daisies with feet – pure hallucination.

Daddy Dear

The Yo-Yo Master and the Lost Kid

Trippy, no? But you REMEMBER it, right? Yet another clip that freaks me out more now than it did when I was a kid. OK, here’s number two … return with me to the hidden mists of your childhood:

The Great Space Coaster

All the benefits of LSD without the inconvenient flashbacks. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Friday Video Blogging

How did it get to be Friday already? We just got back from a trip up north to visit Mr. Squab’s mother. Just a quick overnight visit – which was about all we could have managed, given that the Hatchling, she no sleepy so good. Which mean nobody sleepy so good. The culprit? Two-year molars. Because, you know, those are the only teeth she hasn’t already got. But I digest. You need your videos!! This week, we’re going moogalicious.

Striped Balls Meet Polka-Dotted Ball
Awesome moog soundtrack. Plus: how rad is it that you can totally teach a lesson about embracing difference with just BALLS?

Orange Sings Carmen
Moog + Bizet / Citrus = groovetastic. It took the Hatchling a little while to get into this one, but now she’s fascinated. As will you be.

Friday Video Blogging

It’s been a looooong week. The Hatchling got several shots last week at her 15 month checkup, and they warned us that she might have a reaction anywhere from a week to three weeks after the fact (I guess the delayed reaction time is common with the chicken pox vaccine). Sure enough, on Wednesday the Hatchling woke up at around 4 in the morning with a high temp, and was basically miserable all day Wednesday and Thursday. No appetite, no sleep no feel good. Add to that my having insomnia both nights, and we were a cranky, cranky household. But. Last night she slept like a dream, I slept like a kind of normal person, and everyone felt much better this morning. Plus, it’s the weekend! And it’s supposed to be nice weather! Calloo, callay!

So anyway. Here’s the Hatchling’s video recommendation of the week. I was so psyched to find this one again:

And here’s my recommendation. I effing LOVED this when I was watching Sesame Street, and it turns out I’m in good company, as it was apparently a big influence on The Bad Plus. Yeah, I’m cool:

Have a great weekend!


Sorry for the lack of postage. We’re on vacation in Canada with minimal internet access. Regular posts will resume on Monday.

Friday Extremely Cute Baby Blogging

This year’s Christmas photos notwithstanding, I don’t normally go for the standard posey-posey, fake backgroundy pictures. Our wedding photographers were photojournalists, and while we did do some of the traditional poses, my favorite pictures by far were the unposed ones. Having been sucked into the Kiddie Kandids for holiday pix (and really, the name tells you all you need to know), Mr. Squab and I decided to splurge on more authentic photos to commemorate the Hatchling’s first birthday. Lucky for us, we happen to know an extremely talented photographer of littles, who is getting her business off the ground and you should all go hire her RIGHT NOW because OMG her pictures are amazing. We just got them back, and I cannot stop looking at them. Not only are they beautiful as pictures – the color, the composition, etc. – but they really capture who the Hatchling is; all her personality just glows out of each photo. Here’s just a little sample:







There. If that doesn’t make you feel all warm and gushy YOU ARE DEAD INSIDE.