Random Tidbits on a Tuesday

1. Is there anything more annoying when you’re trying to write than having Microsoft Word repeatedly shut down on you FOR NO REASON? I hate you, Bill Gates.

2. I came *this* close to actually calling in and voting for an American Idol tonight. Does this mean I’m having a midlife crisis, or is it just continuing evidence that I’m a pop-culture slut? Discuss.

3. Yesterday, I was changing the Hatchling’s diaper and when I opened it up, I said “Oh, poop!” because I enjoy stating the obvious like that, and then the Hatchling looked at me and said, very seriously, “Stinky.” Her first time using the word. And yes. Yes, it was.

4. Speaking of which, you know how kids of a certain age get very interested in … um … exploring their nether regions? Like, especially when you’re changing their diapers? The Hatchling is no exception, and I realized recently that whenever she reaches down there before I’m done, uh, sterilizing the area, I say something like “no, no, don’t touch; dirty” which HELLO! What kind of message is that to send your daughter about her cooter? We’re all about vulvular love in this household. (I soooo need a T-shirt with that on it.) So now I’m trying to say something like “Wait a minute, honey, mommy has to finish wiping first.” You can add this to the ever-lengthening list of things I never thought I’d invest so much time thinking about, before I had a kid.

5. Raise your hand if you’re suffering from election-fatigue. I thought so. Please can primary season be over now? And please can Hillary wake up and smell the delegate counts? I *voted* for the woman, and I’d still love it if she could get the nomination, BUT SHE CAN’T. I’m sad about this, but I’m even sadder to see the increasingly desperate tactics of her campaign. Although I must say, Chelsea still rocks.

6. This post is crazy-good.

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