What a week. We just got done yesterday with a fabulous open house party, which meant that most of last week was spent in feverish preparation. We actually set the date for the open house as an incentive to get the final bits done, since we pretty much don’t ever clean or organize unless we have company coming over, and I was getting SO SICK of living in an unfinished house I just couldn’t take it any more. But now, all my books are out on shelves instead of languishing in the basement in boxes, most of the pictures are hung, you can actually see the surface of both the coffee and the dining room tables, and all of the random boxes have been unpacked or stored where they belong. I admit that some of the closets are near-to-bursting with last minute where-does-it-go oh-crap-just-shove-it-in-here stuff. But overall, it’s a massive improvement. And just in time for us to leave for a week, so we don’t even get to rest on our clean laurels, so to speak. My baby sister (ok, she’s 32, but she’s always a baby sister to me) is getting married in Tenessee, so we’re all headed down south for the festivities. It’s going to be a great party, but I’ll only have very sporadic internet access, so once again – a light week of posting. Mea maxima culpa. But just to prove that I really do love you, here are some photos du Hatchling to tide you over while I’m gone:

Enjoying her new toy
New Excer-saucer

Borrowing her cousin’s stylin’ hat
Daddy is funny

And embracing her inner cannibal
Mmm, chin

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